Leveraging Social Media for PR Success

PR will always be important…it has been around for almost 100 years!  When someone mentions your brand in social media, there is the potential for other people to take notice, and it is significantly easier for conversations to spread quickly and easily.  Additionly, these conversations have the potential to reach a much larger audience. If you are not participating in social media, you are missing an opportunity to spread your message, brand, and possibly missing valuable—and even damaging—conversations that could be taking place about your brand.

Connect With Influencers

One of the best ways to land a mention of your business in the media is to start by connecting with the journalists, reporters, bloggers, and influencers who cover topics in your industry.

  • Look for influential blogs in your industry
  • Start following journalists who target your industry
  • Maintain relationships with media through Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Publish articles on your own personal website

Public Relations for Small Businesses

In working with the Austin Women In Technology organization on public relations issues, I have learned many members are associated with smaller businesses–either as owners, consultants or freelancers. As a small business owner myself with a background in corporate communications, I’m always interested in helping such individuals. And, I believe it is a good idea to learn good PR techniques as well as learn to become their own best self-promoters.

  • Make a list of your audiences— segment them in a database
  • Develop your PR plan— Identify your position in the business and write down your key messages
  • Build local media relationships—sit on an advisory board


Press Release training for Real Estate Agents

Realizing that thousands of real estate professionals need help promoting their services but can’t afford to hire a PR agency, theprcollection.com today launched the Austin PR Toolkit, an affordable new publicity CD containing print templates, eMail templates and social media templates for the real estate professional to write their own press release and help real estate professionals generate their own public relations tactics to increase sales and profits.

Developed by Christine Martin, 2009 TAPR (Texas Association of Public Relations) Silver Spur/Best of Texas award winner and TREC certified MCE trainer, and Shara Parker, a licensed real estate professional in Austin, Texas, and perennially ranked as one of ReMax’s top producing agents, the new Austin PR Toolkit provides tangible materials to leverage the power of media awareness to promote real estate professionals as experts in their field for potentially generating bigger profits. The Austin PR Toolkit is for any Realtor® looking to insource and get publicity on a shoestring budget.

The Austin PR Toolkit is the basis of a 3-hr MCE course, “Publicity and You”. It includes free resources for getting a press release published in local newspapers and magazines, an Austin area media list, and tips and story ideas to get you started. Learn how to develop a PR plan to generate business publicity and how to use Twitter and Facebook for national publicity by attending the course or purchase at www.austinprkit.com.