Digital Marketing

A social media manager can take your business to new levels, making it easier and quicker for you to: Build a bigger buzz, increase customer loyalty, and amplify your online visibility.  Taking a Social Media Needs Assessment may determine where you need assistance.

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Are you taking advantage of  Social Media Management?

  • Develop plans to build engaged customer community
  • Identify existing and emerging social media tools and channels needed to execute social media plans
  • Establish editorial calendar for internal and external social media channels, e.g., blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
  • Collaborate with internal partners to determine how best to propagate content across channels, e.g., social media, website, PR
  • Post and promote interactive content that encourages participation and the development of member-generated content to ensure that the community is actively engaged and meeting objectives
  • Generate buzz through viral marketing initiatives as well as drive website traffic and external link development
  • Monitor social media conversations and metrics, identify insights and share with relevant teams to help improve search strategies, product performance, sales/servicing approach
  • Stay up to date on new social media tools, best practices so that clients can continue to be an early adopter of these technologies
  • Participate in professional networking by following the prominent bloggers and online writers and attending events

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Social Profile Management

  • Especially created for busy executives, we will manage your social profiles and online presence (with Social ShoutOut Maintenance Package) to make sure you get the maximum value from social media without having to spend your time online!
  • Protect your online image by managing Twitter and Google alerts relevant to you and your business.

Understanding Twitter Video by Amazing Tours

9 Tips to use Twitter for business by Cici Lu


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