About Branding

Establishing your brand, or positioning yourself in your area of expertise can be an effective tool in building your social media footprint. The ultimate benefit is the opportunity to be recognized as a business resource. Where “Content is King” used to be the mantra for bloggers, the new buzz is “platform is queen.” The platform provides you visibility and engagement with your audience and helps to build community.

Blogging Tips:

Create your own content. Decide what you want to write about and stay on topic with each of your posts.
Write your article offline. Use a word processing program like Microsoft Word and use the spell checker before your post.
Set a deadline.> Limit the time you write to an hour a day, it creates a timeframe so you have life-write balance
Proof everything. Read your article before you post it. Shorten sentences and add subheads to make it easier to scan.
Get Ranked. Boost your SEO…There are a few reputable monthly SEO subscription services you can use or you can learn how to do it yourself.

Branding yourself required dedication. You need to be willing to give away your best content for free and engage in a continuous conversation to become known as an expert in your field. Continue your strategy, it will pay off in the long run.


2 thoughts on “About Branding

  1. Interesting blog! I operate a Contract Loan Processing Agency and was surfing around for ideas to create blogs in Word Press for Real Estates Agents in Texas wanting to develop a niche product such as assisting buyers wanting to purchase bank owned properties, which brought me to yours.

    While surfing I also working on creating pages back links and invite you to email with your blog address and I’ll be happy to post you link on my site which helps promote your blog as well.

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