Building Links for SEO Ranking

After your article is finalized, and you’ve done your keyword research, analyzed your existing ranking,  grouped your keywords, and assigned each keyword group to a specific URL on your website, assigned h1 tags to  your title tags using the primary keyword, it is time to build links.  One of the fastest ways to link build is by guest blog posting.  You can gain reliable links, recognition, credibility, audience, and website traffic.


First, do research to find potential publishers and authority websites in your niche. The easiest way to do this is to perform a search in Google for each of your identified keywords. Explore  the search results and identify websites ranking in the top 25 results that appear to be high-quality, with active readership, social channels, and frequent updates. These types of links are going to yield the greatest impact on your rankings and website traffic.



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Before writing your guest blog posts, look at each of your keyword groups and think about an article you could write that’s topically relevant for each one. In your articles, include relevant links to your target pages, while varying the anchor text. Search Engine Journal recommends that for every 10 guest blog posts you write, use exact-match anchor text only once.

From a strategic standpoint, try to include one of your primary or secondary keywords in the title of the article, while keeping your content tightly relevant to that keyword group. The more closely related the link source and destination pages are, the more points you’ll score in the ranking algorithm.

If you’re in a competitive niche, you may need a lot of guest blog posts, combined with other link building tactics, social media marketing, and on-site content creation, in order to achieve rankings for each keyword in your niche. With enough time and enough effort, you’ll eventually find your website ranking for each keyword you have identified.

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