How Can I SEO My Blog Posts?

SEO is the act of optimizing your blog post or article for search engines to easily find it and index it.  No matter how well you have written your piece, if no one can find it, it does you no good. So, don’t worry about optimizing your article while you are writing your post…just write! When you satisfied with your post, proof it for grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Then, starting at the beginning of your post, and that means starting with the title, in this case, How Can I SEO My Blog Posts?,  initiate organic optimization. Organic optimization means that the blogger isn’t paying to be ranked at the top of the search page.

When preparing to write your blog, note that the title is just as important than the body of the article. So, title it appropriately. If you are a Realtor, and wrote about a new listing, consider putting the address as your post title. Make sure that you use the title in the first paragraph of your post and bold the text.  Next, check the title term with Google Keyword Tool to see if anyone else is searching for that phrase.  Add a hyperlink from the bolded text to the multiple listing service (MLS) site where the listing is located.  Use the keyword or phrase two-three times throughout the article.  Write 300-500 words. Link to other sites that will link back to you.  Also, remember to add a photo or two.  People respond to images positively.

The house buying process flowchartI learned recently that it is good to write five blog posts about your listing. Make sure that you use the same keywords you used in your original post to tie them together and link to the other posts. Write about the neighborhood, community activities, school activities, neighborhood restaurants, and things to do for free and for fun…you get the idea.  Remember to share your posts with your friends, family, and colleagues.

If you can, promote your blog on social media sites, tweet it, post it on your business facebook page, LinkedIn site, Google+, Pinterest, and other social media sites that target the audience you want to read your blog.

If you have other tips or advice about organic search engine optimization, I’d love to hear from you.