Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing is a wonderful way to gain good number of unique visits for your website. You can improve your branding and business through social media marketing tactics.


Blogging: Can drive traffic to your website—Set up your own blog, WordPress offers free blog template.
Micro Blogging: Is a quick way to inform your followers and connect—Posterous and Twitter are two microblogging sites
Video Promotion: Helps with your brand awareness by pulling traffic—Vemo, YouTube
Photo Sharing: Is a good tool for sharing and assists with SEO ranking—Photobucket, Instagram, Pinterest are a few new sites
PDF Sharing: A lead generation technique is to offer white papers, brochures, and other information for visitors to sign up and receive
Presentation Sharing: LinkedIn offers a place to share your presentations—SlideShare, Google Presentations
Bookmarking: Is a trusted way of targeting and sharing links
Discussions/Forums & Commenting: Engages your target audiences and brings value and brand recognition
Web2.0 Pages: Widgets can help to promote your brand—Facebook, Twitter, WidgetBox

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