Photographing Your House checklist

Use these pointers when photographing your house:

  • If you’re using only one photograph, shoot the front of the house from a slight angle as you see it from the street.
  • Shoot in full daylight, preferably sunshine.
  • Frame the photo to include as much of the house as possible.  Get as close as you can to the house and still include nearly all of it in the photo.
  • Clear the yard of clutter. And be sure the cars are out of the driveway. You’re selling the house, not your  truck.
  • Make sure the front yard is neat, the grass mowed, and the leaves swept away
  • Open the blinds and curtains.
  • Shoot several shots of the same room from different angles. Everyone wants to see the kitchen and living room, and if the master bedroom or bathroom is impressive, include those, as well as the back yard and garage.
  • When shooting inside, be sure there are no pets or people in the shots and make sure each room is extremely tidy.
  • Remove all excess furniture and belongings – less “stuff” means more open space, which makes it look like your rooms are more spacious.
  • Photographing inside is tricky and you’ll often be standing in one corner of a room to shoot the rest of it. Pick the most attractive or interesting end of the room and shoot it by standing in the opposite corner.
  • Use a photo editing program to adjust the light and crop all of your photos so they are as clear and professional as possible.