Photo Marketing—are your pictures helping or hindering you in selling a home?

Everyone knows the impact of a good photo—are your pictures helping or hindering you in selling a home?

Recently, a Realtor® friend of mine asked me for suggestions on what she should teach.  After discussing several topics, we decided to choose “Photo Marketing” because this is a new trend in home selling.  I’ve seen a lot of attempts at illustrating the difference between typical real estate listing photos and professional real estate photos only to wonder, What Happened?  The photos don’t stand out…at best, the photos look like any other you might come across in the MLS.  Are you aware that it takes more than 40 shots with at least 2-3 photos of each room to get the attention of savvy real estate buyers?  Do you know that by adjusting the lighting in a room you can get a warm glow in every shot?  Avoid those fuzzy pics by using a tripod.  Yes, even your little iPhone or digital camera will set atop a tripod.

 ” The Realtor Guide to Photo Marketing©.”